Children’s Consultations

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India consultation

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Children have the right to participate in decisions that impact their lives. They have unique perspectives and opinions about development projects and policies that adults may be unable to convey on their behalf. However, the World Bank has not included children in any of its safeguard policy review consultations. In order for children’s voices to be heard on this important policy review, BIC has led a process to consult with children in all regions where the World Bank is active (see the interactive map below for details on individual consultations).

We hope that as a result of these consultations and other advocacy efforts, the World Bank will:

  • Take into account the views of children in the creation of its revised safeguard policies;
  • Include strong protections for the rights of children, that incorporate children’s own articulations of their needs; and
  • Adopt a meaningful and effective approach to child participation in its projects and programs.

BIC’s Children Consultations


Use the interactive map above to see reports, photos and more from each of BIC’s consultations. When you click on a country, the information will appear below:

Children’s Consultations
Round 1:


Report from first round of consultations

In the first round of consultations, children were asked to comment on the safeguard policies generally and project case studies.

Children’s Consultations
Round 2:


Report from second round of consultations

In the second round of consultations, children were asked to delve a little deeper into the safeguards as they reviewed the first draft of the Bank’s proposed new Environmental and Social Framework.