Why is the World Bank Important?

Image of powerful weightlifter The World Bank is a very powerful organization. Many countries that need to build roads, or deliver services to their people ask for help from the World Bank. The World Bank also has many experts that know a great deal about economics and development. Many of their ideas become real world projects and programs that affect the lives of many people around the world.

Image of dam with windmill World Bank projects and programs are supposed to help people make their lives better, and to reduce poverty in the country. However, sometimes the World Bank’s projects cause harm to local people and the environment. For example, when the World Bank builds a dam on a river many people in the area nearby will have to move to make room for the dam. They will have to leave their homes and jobs, and find a new place to live and a new place to work. Sometimes, this is not easy.

Image of tree frogThe same dam can also damage nearby ecosystems, which are groups of plants, animals, and other living things that live in the same surroundings. Many organizations, like BIC, work with the World Bank to help it better protect the environment, and help make sure its projects help people to live better lives. Some organizations help the World Bank by letting them know about ecosystems that will be damaged by a project. They might suggest another type of project that would be better for the environment. For example, some people believe that renewable energy sources like windmills might be a better choice than a coal plant to provide electricity for some people.

Photo: woman who is visually impaired raises her hand in Uganda Other organizations, like BIC, encourage the World Bank to consult with the people in the community where the projects will be done so they can give their recommendations on where a school should be built, what kinds of jobs they need, or where they will live if they have to move to make room for a new project.